Seahawks will Pick 12th

The Seattle Seahawks and the Kansas City Chiefs finished dead even last season and the tie-breaker to determine who was to select 11th and who was to select 12th in the 2012 NFL Draft was to be determined via a coin flip. Unfortunately for the Seattle Seahawks, they lost the toss and will be picking 12th in the upcoming NFL Draft. Obviously the Seahawks are disappointed over the results of the toss, but they should still be able to find a talented player with a bright future using the 12th pick.

Most mock drafts expect the Seahawks to use the pick on a pass rusher, after finishing with only 33 sacks last season, this is an area that the Seahawks desperately need to address. When a team is unable to disrupt the timing of the opposing QB, it usually results in a long day for that team. A pass rusher is only one of several areas that the Seahawks need to address, so if they don’t think a pass rusher is worth using the 12th pick on, the Seahawks will surely look to fill a different need on their team.

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