Terrell Owens Released by the Seahawks


Photo by: Rich Kane/Icon SMI

Coming off a game that saw the Seattle Seahawks Rookie Quarterback Russell Wilson lead his team to a 41-14 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, and displaying a performance that could see him most likely become the No. 1 QB ahead of former Green Bay Packers backup Matt Flynn. The Sea-Hawks has released wide receiver Terrell Owens (TO).

As all NFL teams strive to keep their best 75 players before the Monday August 27th deadline, the Seattle Seahawks have decided to part ways with TO. Although the Seahawks are yet make an official announcement of which players they are releasing, TO made a twitter announcement that he has been released by the Seahawks.

During his brief spell with the Seahawks, TO managed to catch two passes in two games, and didn’t have much impact. Considering that TO is still a fast player running 40 yards in 4.5 seconds during his workout for the Seahawks, he is expected to be picked up by another team.

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