Seahawks Must Get Their Act Together To Beat Undefeated Dallas

One of the most interesting things about the Seattle Seahawks in the preseason was how much rookie quarterback Russell Wilson was producing.  Many talked about how he looked like a seasoned vet in some of those games.  This was not the case this past Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.  While Wilson did not look terrible, he certainly did not play to the level everyone expected of him.  Because of this, the Seahawks do not look like they have the focus to be the NFL picks against a strong Dallas Cowboys who are coming off a decisive victory against the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

Wilson is not the only problem currently with the Seahawks offense, however.  Elite running back Marshawn Lynch has been suffering from back spasms that had him limited in his ability against the Cardinals.  While the Cards defense is lackluster at best, Lynch, who usually racks up huge gains and multiple touchdowns, could only get 85 yards on 21 carries and did not find his way into the end zone.  He also had a fumble and just looked slow and in pain the entire game.

Add to that the fact that the Seahawks receiving core was looking weak and dropping passes throughout the game, and you have real problem on the right side of the ball for the team.  The Hawks only real saving grace is a consistent defense that can get the job done in tough situations.  They could put enough strain on Cowboys QB Tony Romo to force him into some undesirable positions.

This may not be enough to cover the +3 spread against the Cowboys this coming Sunday, though.  America’s Team has way too many weapons at offense and a revitalized defense that will surely put pressure on a young and naive Wilson.  The Seahawks have little to no chance in this game.

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