Week 8: Seahawks at Lions


Photo by: Zuma Press/Icon SMI

Unfortunately the Seattle Seahawks once again must go on the road again, but hopefully this time they remember to show up for the game. The Seahawks have played 3 home games so far this season, and 4 away games. At home, the Seahawks are 3-0  with impressive wins against the Cowboys, Packers, and Patriots. On the road is a completely different story, all seven of Russell Wilsons interceptions have occurred on the road, and team has struggled with a 1-3 away record. It’s tough to pinpoint the cause of this, but against the struggling Detroit Lions, the Seahawks have a perfect opportunity to change their fortunes on the road and to separate themselves from a lot of teams by getting ready for a two game home stand with a 5-3 record.

Today, the Seahawks challenge is at Ford Field against the Detroit Lions. The Lions have been able to move the ball offensively, but have struggled to put the ball into the end zone, and those struggles have resulted in a 2-4 record. However, the Seahawks can’t write off the Lions abilities, they have one of the most potent offenses, and they can’t be taken lightly. The Seahawks will need to contain Calvin Johnson, similarly to how the Bears limited him to only three receptions last week. If the Seahawks can keep him quiet and exploit the Lions defensive secondary, then they stand a very good chance of heading home with their second road victory.

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