Seahawks Gifts for the New Year

The holiday season may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t need to buy any presents for the coming year. As well as birthdays, they’ll be weddings, leaving presents and numerous other occasions to buy gift. If there is a Seahawk fan in your life, this makes things much easier as there are so many great ‘hawk gifts that will put a smile on their face.

The most popular gift for a NFL fanatic is probably clothing. A Seahawks t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat or jersey allows you to demonstrate your devotion to the team during the course of the day. However, there are some other great gifts that range from pet supplies to items for your kitchen or bar. If you know someone who is often on or playing home games, there are also some Hold’em and Stud-themed gifts too.

The Seattle Seahawks poker card protector
This is definitely for the offline poker player and helps out with a problem that most players experience at one time or other: the mistakenly mucked hand. This is when your hand gets added to the pile of discarded cards when you are still playing it. A Card Protector is basically a paper weight to prevent your cards ending up in the wrong pile, but it looks good and might give you a little luck too. The Seattle Seahawks card protector is a NFL Lic’d Riddle Helmet balancing on a football, with a small pile of chips next to it. It will remind you of that winning touchdown and should keep your winning hand safe too.

Seattle Seahawks glass lamp protector
Although many games of poker are played around the kitchen table, the keenest poker players will have a dedicated baize-covered poker table. However, a poker table will look a lot better with a proper light shade above it. You could add a 16’’ glass lampshade above your kitchen table, or if the person you’re buying for has a proper poker table, then a longer lamp will illuminate the whole table. Both the 40’’ glass lamp and a three shade model will fully illuminate the most thrilling games around a poker table.

The Seahawks poker chip pin
There are many types of Seahawks pin, but the poker chip pin allows the wearer to show their love of their two favorite games: NFL and poker.

Mascots and more for online players
Playing poker online has a few different qualities when compared to playing around a real table. As well as not having to perfect a poker face, players can also keep all kinds of lucky mascots next to the computer that they most probably won’t to take along to a casino or poker club. The Seahawks plush toy makes a perfect mascot to bring Seahawks power to any online poker game. Playing poker can be thirsty work, so a Seahawks branded steel drinking cup is both very stylish and practical way to keep your coffee, tea or beverage of choice hot.

The Seahawks playing cards
The ultimate poker Seahawks gift must be a pack of Seahawks playing cards. The great thing about a pack of cards is that they are so portable, so fans can make sure they give a Seahawks theme to their game where ever they are playing. Of course, they are so versatile that they can be used for any number of different types of games in addition to poker. Seahawk-mad children can even use them to play Snap, Old Maid, Spoons or another of the old fashioned parlour card games. Everyone loves playing 21 and rummy, and a pack of these cards is an invaluable addition to your car glove compartment or travel case. Let’s not forget Patience is a great game to while away a few hours if you’re bored and you don’t have anyone to play with or an internet connection to log on to.

The holiday season may be over, but the NFL season is only half-way through and Seahawks fans are fans for life, so hopefully these gift ideas will help you out when Uncle Vince’s birthday comes around in mid-January or your poker playing work colleague moves on to that dream job somewhere else.

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