Seahawks Can’t Complete Comeback, Falcons Defeat Seahawks 30-28


Photo by: Rich Kane/Icon SMI

The Seahawks were on the top of the world for a total of 23 seconds, they had rallied from a 20 point deficit and with 31 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, their rally finally gave them a one point lead. However, Matt Ryan, Matt Bryant, and the Atlanta Falcons quickly ended what looked like what was going to be an extended magical season. The Seahawks failed to score any points in the first half and trailed 0-20 before they turned it on, but unfortunately, their poor first half did come back to bite them in the end.

The very fact that the game ended the way it did is a true testament to the resiliency that the Seahawks showed all season, but the resiliency of the Falcons to avoid a historic meltdown proved to be too much for the Seahawks to overcome.

Following Marshawn Lynch’s two yard touchdown run to put the Seahawks in the driver’s seat to San Francisco for the NFC Championship Game, all they had to do was stop the Falcons and their potent offense. It only took two pass plays from Matt Ryan – a 22-yard pass to Harry Douglas, and a 19-yard pass to Tony Gonzalez – and 23 seconds to drive the field for a field goal attempt within Matt Bryant’s range.

The debate over whether or not the opposing team should ice the kicker is never ending, but Pete Carroll attempted to ice Matt Bryant but due to the timing of the timeout, Matt Bryant was able to get off a practice kick which was missed wide right. On his second attempt – this time it was live – Bryant made the right adjustments and split the uprights.

The Seahawks finished the season with a lot of hope for their future, but their blunders in the NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Falcons – their poor play in the first half, not getting any points at the end of the second quarter, and icing the kicker – are all mistakes that the Seahawks would like take back. What mistake do you think had the biggest impact on the game?

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