Seattle Seahawks: Team of destiny or flash in the pan?

With just three remaining games in this years regular season lets take a look at what has become of the Seahawks season thus far. They sit atop the NFC West with an 11-2 record and have managed to clinch a playoff berth. A major storyline this year has been their perfect record at home but any skeptic can point to ease of schedule to combat that claim. The Seahawks though, have faced some formidable opponents this season. In week one they faced what would become arguably the best defense in the league in the Carolina Panthers and won. They faced off against the San Francisco 49ers twice this season. Once in week three, pounding last years Super Bowl runner up 29-3 and again in week 14 where the 49ers barely beat the Seahawks-by just a 22 yard field goal. Undoubtedly their biggest and most convincing win came on Monday night against the New Orleans Saints. In a game slated as having a playoff atmosphere the Seahawks out on a dominating performance holding Sean Payton and brilliant Saints offense to just seven points. When the Seattle Seahawks have been pit against key opponents they have prevailed convincingly. Seattle fans shouldn’t take this seasons success as a testament as to what is to come. Just have a look at the 2-7 Atlanta Falcons. Last year they were lighting up the league making a post season appearance and begging the future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez to return for another shot at a championship. This year-not so much.

The Seahawks have obviously built off last seasons success-proving that it was much more than a fluke. What has set the Seahawks apart from other successful teams of yesteryear? The Washington Redskins were a team to watch last year and was poised to dominate with RG III returning-what happened? In short, they were one dimensional. Not the Seahawks. John Gruden was quoted saying that the Seattle Seahawks were the most balanced team in the NFL. They so many things well, from passing to special teams. In general, I contribute a major amount of their success on the relationship between Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. They are a cohesive unit and you can tell they get along. The way they handle interview questions you can tell they are on the same page. Now, I’m not picking on the Redskins (here comes the but) but look at the relationship between Mike Shanahan and RG III. They obviously bump heads regularly and are clearly hardly on the same page as far as the team is concerned. It’s reflective in the play if the team and the way that they handle the media. Often times coaches and players don’t get along but at least they have working relationships that are in the best interest of the team. Do you think Tom Brady always gets along with his coach? It’s unlikely to think that any two people can get along all the time. The point is though, that Tom and Bill have a sense of understanding and respect for one another and this allows for them to have a great working relationship. This a key component the Redskins are missing and a component the Seahawks are building. It’s all about chemistry and those two have it.

What is the preverbal ceiling for this team-how far can they really go? That’s the question every Seattle Seahawks fan wants to know. Despite what any avid fan might tell you it’s still to be determined actually as we watch the development of Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. Also, it’s important to see what kind of talent is drawn to Seattle and the development of the talent they already have. One thing is for certain, as long as the team continues to progress at this pace Seattle fans will be watching their team compete for a championship very soon. They are the hottest team in the league at tho moment and given there remaining schedule I don’t see them cooling off anytime soon. They travel to New Jersey to face the 5-8 Giants for the first time this season, they’re favored by seven. With their last two games of the season at home against teams they’ve already defeated this year I see the possibility of the Seattle Seahawks finishing the season at 14-2 on a three game winning streak. Now that’s how you enter the post season!

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