Seahawks March past the Saints

In a game where Russell Wilson only completed 9-18 pass attempts for a career low 103 yards the Seattle Seahawks still manage a win thanks to their stellar defense and Mr. Beast Mode himself. Marshawn Lynch picked up any slack offensively as he carried the ball 28 times for 140 yards and 2 touchdowns. Seattle’s defense kept Drew Brees contained as he was shut out in the first three quarters of the game. The 23-15 win guarantees a matchup with the San Francisco 49ers next Sunday for the NFC tittle.

Saturday’s game showed why it is important to be a multi-dimensional team in the NFL. Obviously it was the game plan of the Saints to not let Russell Wilson beat them…again. After going for 310 yards and 3 TD’s when they last met the Saints shut Russell Wilson down but could do little to stop Marshawn Lynch as he richer for 100 yards for the fielder time since week 10 of the regular season. With his lack of production as of late New Orleans had to anticipate a return of Beast Mode. After all, it was he who stunned them in 2010 with his now infamous “Beast Quake” run.

“That was maybe ‘Beast Mode II’. I don’t know but it was a very cool way to end that game and give us a score that we needed.” Coach Pete Carroll said of Lynch’s 31 yard scoring run with 2:40 left to play.

“I don’t run to get tackled.” Lynch said after the game.

That was evident as he stiff-armed Keenan Lewis on his way to the end zone after two perfect blocks from Zach Miller and Jermaine Kearse.

“It’s all about want with him.” Receiver Golden Tate said of Lynch’s play.

It wasn’t that the 31 yard run was such a spectacular play. He didn’t truck over or hurdle anyone or do anything fancy-it was timely more than anything else. It was a play that needed to be made as Drew Brees looked to be bringing his team into striking distance and provided Seattle with a scare down the stretch.

Now that this game is over the Seahawks can collectively focus on the 49ers-a team that served them a 17-19 loss on December 8. Seattle. As we’ve been saying since the last 3 weeks of the regular season, will need to play better on the offensive side of the ball. If their last meeting is any indicator of what is to come it won’t be a very high scoring game. It’s going to come down to which defense will stop the big play. Defensively they will need to focus their secondary on Michael Crabtree who has been a major factor in San Francisco’s offense this post season and the front line will have to focus on containing Colin Kapernick and his option style of play. Russell Wilson also needs to be a factor in this game if Seattle is going to have a chance to win because his margin of error will be minimal. The Seahawks can’t expect Marshawn Lynch to be their only hope-that’s what happened the last time they made the Super Bowl. Pete Carroll has to devise a plan to restore the balance their offense once showed and score some points against the 49ers stingy defense.

One thing is for certain, the Seahawks 12th man will be ready. The fans were as big a factor as any player against the Saints and will need to continue to be if their team is going to make another Super Bowl appearance.

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