Apology Accepted

As we inch closer to Super Bowl Sunday the ‘Sherman Side Show’ is still going strong. He recently apologized for bringing extra attention to himself and his team with his outburst after the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship. Apology accepted. Sherman also spoke on being labeled as a ‘thug’ and actually sounded like a 4.2 Stanford graduate saying,

“…it’s like a polite way of calling me the ‘N’ word.”

Well played Sherman, I don’t foresee any reporter having the balls to call him a thug now.

Let’s take a step back and look at the situation holistically. Sherman’s post game interview antics were brought on because of trash talking that took place between he and Michael Crabtree during the game. Richard Sherman is an admitted trash talker but that doesn’t make him a villain. Michael Jordan was a trash talker and so was Ray Lewis but no one crucifies them. We hear and see it on telecasts all the time and at one time or another we have all watched NFL Films. Trash talking is apart of the game and shouldn’t be frowned upon. If you can dish it though, be prepared to take it. Was it just me or was Sherman visibly upset that Crabtree may have been jawing back at him?

Others argued that while they didn’t mind his trash talking, they thought it was unprofessional to blast Crabtree on television. For that, I had no choice but to agree. It was classless to say the least. It’s bigger than Michael Crabtree himself, what about his family that may have been watching the game and the subsequent stories that followed-that has to be an embarrassment to them as well. One thing is for certain, in my opinion, we won’t be seeing Richard Sherman in any analyst chairs any time soon. Let’s look at someone like Ray Lewis. He was every bit, if not more emotional during games but when the cameras were in his face he was composed and exhibited the utmost professionalism. The point is, Sherman looked like a thug from Compton at times during his celebration at Centurylink Stadium. If that is the stigma he is looking to shed then he could stand to take a leaf from Ray Lewis’ book.

My biggest fear with this whole thing is that the league will interfere and classify trash talking as bullying and group taunting with it as well. Making football a gentlemen’s sport. There is already displeasure with the rules as far as tackling and confusion as to where the target zone is. If the commissioner feels the need to step in we can kiss touchdown and sack celebrations goodbye. How boring would the game be then? Let’s not give Roger Goodell more reason to tweak the game of football as he is currently tinkering with a playoff expansion and the omission of the extra point.

He apologized and it’s over-now let’s move on. It was becoming an unnecessary side show to what is anticipated to be an intriguing Super Bowl. Who’s going to apologize for this Super Bowl weather though?


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