Is the Pro Bowl still worth it?

We’re all aware that the Pro Bowl has been on it’s last leg for more than a few years now. This years shake up was a last ditch effort at reviving the event and making it worth while. I can’t recall the last time I even watched a Pro Bowl game. In recent years I preferred going to the fabric store with my grandma over watching a Pro Bowl game. The games had been deemed as pointless and all the blame was placed on the players lack of effort. Seriously, who wants to watch a professional athlete ‘not’ try? This year there was improvement and thank the heavens for that. We saw a few players actually compete and make it an entertaining game. Thanks for not short changing your fans this year.

The Pro Bowl should be a pleasant prelude to the Super Bowl. It should showcase the leagues best talent and the players should feel honored to be apart of it. All year players make claims of being the best at their positions yet when it comes time to show and prove everyone plays coy. Was this years Pro Bowl evidence enough that the game is worth saving or were we just happy to see a couple legit tackles? Players should relish at the opportunity to play with the best of the best and not squander the opportunity while wasting their time and their fans money.

Yes, this game was much better. The mock draft selection process did bring a spectacle aspect the game had been missing. The players appeared to be more enthused about participating and there were even a few highlight plays. Improvements can still be made though. I feel the NFL could learn a thing or two from the NBA and how they conduct their All-Star weekend. The NBA All-Star game is an event-it’s drawn out over a span of three days. There’s a rookie/sophomore or rising stars game, there’s the skills competition that includes the dunk contest and then there’s the actual game. Wouldn’t it be cool if the NFL had a game specifically for their rookie and sophomore players? It would be interesting to know who the strongest or fastest man is in the NFL or what receiver has the best hands. Events prior to the game can be held to determine these things and furthermore these are events the fans actually want to see-give it to them. Roger Goodell has been tweaking the game since his inception; tweak something fans actually care about instead of pondering the elimination of extra point attempts.

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