These Seattle Seahawks Are Writing Their Redemption Song

I have watched football and followed the Seahawks literally as long as I can remember. I have seen thousands of teams play on multiple levels year after year and find myself a hard candidate to be surprised by much anymore. That said, there are teams that come about every so often that catch my attention for being unique in a special way that imprints itself in my memory.  The 2013 Seattle Seahawks are one of these teams. This year’s Seahawks are a group of so called ‘mis-fits’ and ‘outcasts’ who have mostly been doubted and overlooked in their experience with the NFL and some even in college. There are many examples of guys on this team who were late round picks or unsigned free agents or even high draft picks that were highly criticized who have developed a large chip on their shoulder. The Seahawks head coach has even been blasted in the media in the past for not knowing how to win at the highest level of the game. So much for all that talk. Not only are these guys finding success in the NFL, they are evolving it and some of them are becoming superstars.

The transformation of the Seahawks under Pete Carroll has been impressive and innovative to say the least. He has built a team with an attitude and an edge to it by seeing the potential in overlooked players and being willing to explore it. This has led to the Seahawks defying conventions at several turns and building their own brand of football. This brand was solidified by the main on-field catalyst for the Seahawks style, Mr. Marshawn Lynch. By now the story is well known about Lynch overcoming a troubled past and finding a path to redemption in Seattle. There was a huge ripple effect from the Beast Mode acquisition and turn around that has been enhanced and passed on by other ‘outcasts’ like the 5’10”QB Russell Wilson or the 6’3” Corner in Richard Sherman. There’s also the monstrous 6’3” 232 pound Strong Safety, Kam Chancellor who plays next to the 5’10” buzzsaw Earl Thomas.  Out of those four All-Pro and Pro Bowl caliber players, only one was taken with a high pick (Thomas). There is also Byron Maxwell who trailed only Richard Sherman in Passer Rating Against in the entire league this year. He was a 6th round pick. Percy Harvin is another example of a member of the team who is in line to finally squash all the doubt about his value and durability and validate the trade for him with a big performance on the biggest possible stage. Not to mention the most reliable offensive passing option for the team this year in Doug Baldwin who wasn’t drafted. He was even passed over by his college coach.

The list of players on this team who feel they have a lot of doubters to prove wrong spans the entirety of the roster. Even an older vet like Michael Robinson is coming off of a serious illness that very nearly ended his career. Now he is playing in his first Super Bowl. The 12th Man is also in line for redemption and vindication, being one of the most passionate, yet championship starved fanbases in sports. This group of men has taken us through a symbolic season of overcoming the patterns of the franchise’s past and slaying the dragons that have historically held them back.  No matter what the odds have been, this team has never given up. Why would they? These guys have been fighting for their just due their entire careers and some their entire lives. Their moment could be Sunday and they know it. This team is one of the most tenacious, nasty, physical, and bonded groups that I have ever seen. The Seattle Seahawks have become a brotherhood and this is the kind of thing that will stick as long a Pete Carroll is running the show. The fact that he lets guys be themselves is proving to be a huge ingredient to building a close knit team. You can tell that they really are a family and it shows on the field.  They trust eachother. They are from the same philosophical place.

With a win in Sunday’s Super Bowl, the 53 men in uniform and the numerous members of the coaching staff and front office as well as the city of Seattle and the entire 12 Nation will be vindicated in the world of the NFL and beyond. Seattle is a largely ignored city that has an amazing amount to offer. It truly is an incredible place that, like these Seahawks, gets mislabeled and left with a bad rep. In truth the ‘rains too much’ claim is no different than the ‘thug’ talk about the Seahawks. Those notions are built by viewing soley through a box presenting edited images and sound-bites and trusting the source to give you unbiased material. If people take the time to experience the great city and region as well as the team that resides there, they would be singing an entirely different tune. It’s ok though, more Puget Sound and Seahawks for us in the know! Sunday could turn out to be a Red Letter Day for the city of Seattle. I would even walk out on a limb and say a Seahawks Super Bowl victory would go a long way in bringing our Sonics back soon than later and they would most likely be bringing us a new hockey team with them. All Seattle needs is a light shown on it. A Super Bowl championship is a pretty bright light. I don’t normally say this in my articles but uhhhh…..GO HAWKS!!!!!

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