Just as expected

Unless you’re apart of the Seattle Seahawks organization this Super Bowl did not go as expected. There were supposed to frigid temperatures, snow and rain. The game itself was slated to pit the top ranked offense versus the top ranked defense. The Denver Broncos were the favorites to win and were supposed to torch the Seahawks secondary lead by the greatest quarterback of all time. Peyton Manning was supposed to win his second title with his second team and ride off into the sunset in a red convertible with the Lombardi trophy riding shotgun. Whom ever wrote that script should be fired.

I watched the Seattle Seahawks terrorize and embarrass the Broncos in every facet of the game. Defensively they stayed true to themselves and played the brand of defense that was ranked #1. Seattle’s dominance started with their defensive line and the way they pressured Manning-for the entire game. Manning seldom had any clean looks down the field, with every snap the pocket was rushed, thus his two interceptions. Peyton was only sacked once but Seattle constantly batted passes down and did a good job at preventing the deep ball. I only recall Peyton airing it deep once, a pass in which he over threw for an incompletion, other than that every completion was a dump off for a short gain. With their passing game ‘mediocre, at best’ (see what I did there?) Denver couldn’t rush the ball with any effectiveness. Knowshawn Moreno, who rushed for over 1000 yards this season, was held to just 17 yards in the Super Bowl. As a team Denver only rushed for 27 yards and turned the ball over four times. Peyton Manning, who set records this season just by showing up to games, was held to a single touchdown after scoring 55 all season. It’s cliche’ but true; defense wins championships. Linebacker Malcolm Smith was named the Super Bowl MVP, only two other linebackers achieved that feat before him-the last was Ray Lewis. I’m sure this has been said before as well but if there was ever a time to award an entire defensive unit MVP, this was it. There were two other defensive players who recorded 10 tackles in the Super Bowl, one other with an interception but Smith was the only one to return his 69 yards for a touchdown. If the Seahawks can show consistency with their defense over a span of years they should definitely be mentioned with some of the greatest of all time.

Seattle’s offense wasn’t too shabby either, scoring 43 points. I anticipated that Russell Wilson would need to score four touchdowns and have 300 yards passing just to keep pace with Manning. I was proven wrong as well. Russell Wilson played his game. Unless it’s necessary Wilson won’t throw a lot of passes. He threw the ball 25 times, completed 18 passes and scored twice with no interceptions. I’ll take that stat line and a Super Bowl win any day. I chose Percy Harvin as the games X factor. I figured that he would be difficult to prepare for because it just wasn’t clear how much or how he’d be able to produce. Harvin had a major impact on the game. He rushed the ball twice for a total of 45 yards and his biggest run of the game was his 87 yard kick return for a touchdown. Not bad for a guy coming off hip surgery and a concussion.

After the game much emphasis was placed on Pete Carroll and his coaching style. He’s such a jubilant person and that jubilance is transferred to his players through his coaching style. The Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII because they were well prepared. That’s a credit Pete Carroll and the way he conducts his practices. This Seahawks team is nearly a carbon copy of Carroll’s USC team. Fast and hard-that’s how they play on both sides of the ball. This is a philosophy drastically different from that of the Denver Broncos and has yet to catch on with the rest of the league. Pete Carroll has successfully won a national championship and a Super Bowl-so much for being a college only coach.

The best part about this win for the Seahawks is that they’re still young. Their franchise quarterback is only 25, Lynch is just 27, they have the best corner in the game and he’s only 25 and their first ever Super Bowl MVP is a mere 23. This is a team that has the rare opportunity to grow and mature together under the superintendency of Pete Carroll. Hate them or love them but for years we’ve revered the New England Patriots as the model of consistency for the NFL. Things could be about to change because the Seattle Seahawks have the makings of the next great dynasty.

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