NFL Draft- Do the Seahawks Really Have A Need?




May 5th 2014- As the picture states the biggest non game spectacle for the NFL is almost here, the NFL Draft. For many of the 32 teams the draft is way to get a player that already proven themselves in the college game and in their minds ready to jump to the next level. As a business each team has to find that player who can turn their team around and also has marketbility to their fans. As I read and watch many of these mock drafts from these so called experts who base their predictions on what each teams needs are its pretty different from analyst to analyst. Then again if your in the top half of the draft order you probably have a need for everything.

The Seattle Seahawks being the Super Bowl Champs have the 32nd pick in the first round (for now, who knows what John Schneider and Pete Carroll have up their sleeves). I wouldn’t necessarily say they have needs but rather holes they need to plug up, they’re fine with their current roster probably the definition of a team who will “take the best player available.” Know their track record it wouldn’t be far fetch to say they have a couple of diamonds in the rough from the practice squad that can step in and start if need to. The Seahawks have been using the draft the last couple of years to essentially restock talent. You would think Pete Carroll is still at USC trying to have another top recruiting class. How John and Pete have built the Seahawks is parallel to how Pete built USC, restocking talent every year with players with passion, love for the game, always competing and that are “all in.”

Most “experts” have the Seahawks taking a offensive lineman, defensive lineman, or a wide receiver (obviously analysts still think that the Seahawks wide receiver group is still “pedestrian”). I’m no expert but if they weren’t going to draft the best player available they should draft a corner back. I know it sounds crazy but heres the reason why. Walter Thurmmond left and signed with Giants so that leaves you with Richard Sherman, Jeremey Lane, and Byron Maxwell. Sherman is going to get resigned soon while Lane and Maxwell are coming up on their current contracts. If both of them play lights out again this year, keeping them will be tough as they will be demanding a pretty healthy contract. With Russell Wilson, KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner all needing new contracts as well keeping Lane and Maxwell with be tough. By drafting a corner they have a full year to develop them into a key contributor and having them play at an elite level while having them under a rookie contract.

Regardless of what they decide to do in this years draft John and Pete have proven that they can strike gold regardless of where they pick in the draft. As with the players the 12’s are “all in” with John and Pete.


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