After Final Tune Up Against Oakland, Bring on the Green Bay Packers

September 3rd, 2014- After an irrelevant 4th pre season game against the Oakland Raiders in which the starters played very limited series we are less than 24 hours away until the quest for the first repeat champion in over a decade. The last to do it were the New England Patriots in the 2003 and 2004 seasons led by Tom Brady.

The final pre season game against the Raiders brought up a a little bit of concern ironically on the defense side of the ball but its just the 12’s and the analysts nit picky. The offense marched down the field in 4 plays to score a touchdown. Russell Wilson was 3 for 3 on the drive and had one of the highest QBR rating and most efficient pre seasons ever. In 9 pre season possessions Wilson threw 7 touchdowns and 2 field goals. It definitely looks like he’s taken the next step in his development, he’ll have a chance to showcase it on national tv against the Packers.

Since it was the last pre season game, it also means that the roster has to be dwindled down to 53 players. For a franchise who has the most player transactions its probably safe to say the roster and practice squad is pretty set barring injuries as of today. Pete Carroll did make some minor moves in the last couple days. Phil Bates was waived on monday and Bryan Walters was resigned. The reason why Bates was released was probably in the development of Alabama rookie, Kevin Norwood. They’re pretty much the same big bodied receiver and Walters showed in the Oakland game that he can return punts as well if Earl Thomas needs a breather once in awhile. The Seahawks also signed defensive end Julius Warmsley (6-3,295) out of Tulane and defensive back Josh Aubrey (5-10, 200) out of Stephen F. Austin to their practice squad.

After all the hoopla and analyzing every little detail the regular season will finally start and the game against the Green Bay Packers will actually count for something. Everyone has been counting down to this day. We all remembered what took place last time these two teams met in the infamous “fail mary” game. As with any reigning Super Bowl champs we will see if the makeover of the team was for the better. The Seahawks will need to fill in the holes left by most notable Red Bryant, Chris Clemens, and Walter Thurmmond. On the offensive side the key will be how Justin Britt handles his first “big” game in the NFL. The road to repeat starts now. As a 12 wouldn’t it be ironic if Super Bowl 49 was New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks. If that were to happen we can for sure answer the question, “u mad bro,” at least from the Patriots point of view.

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