It’s GameDay- Seahawks vs Broncos

September 21st, 2014- After a chaotic week off the field, the NFL wished the Super Bowl rematch could of happened sooner. In a much anticipated and could very well possibly be the game of the year the Seattle Seahawks hope to get back to their winning ways against the Denver Broncos after a shocking defeat last week to the San Diego Chargers. Much has been made the past week about the LOB (Legion of Boom) being exposed particularly Richard Sherman. The truth is, the Seahawks just had an off game in which they just didn’t make the big plays that 12’s are accustomed to since the last time they lost a game last year against the Arizona Cardinals at Century Link. Missed tackles, not being able to recover fumbles, the heat all played a great deal in their loss, all of which are correctible for the big game today. We also have to give a great deal of credit to the San Diego Chargers. Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates played a perfect game which they had to do to beat the defending world champs. They contained  the Seattle pass rush and Rivers were throwing dimes to Gates and alot of his check down options throughout the entire game.

Despite the shocking loss, lets not press the panic button yet. The Seahawks come back home this week in which they are 17-1 in their last 18 home games. They welcome in the Denver Broncos and we all know what happened the last time these two teams met in early February. Even though this is only the third game of the regular season both teams know this is a very important game. For Denver, its a game to prove to themselves that the Super Bowl score was a fluke and the final score is not a reflection of how good how their team really is. They made some key off season acqusitions to giving them toughness that they lacked during the Super Bowl. Aqib Talib, T.J. Ward, DeMarcus Ware, and Emmanuel Sanders and a healthy Von Miller will be replacing key departures of Eric Decker and Champ Bailey. On offense no doubt Denver will try to immulate what the Chargers did last week by getting Julius Thomas involved and whoever’s being guarded by Richard Sherman with short crossing routes. On defense Denver will try to contain the beast, Marshawn Lynch and put constant pressure on Russell Wilson. Lynch only had 6 carries last week but due to them battling from behind throughout the entire game but that will definitely change this week.

Denver has circled this game ever since the schedule came out. They teams are different, the game isn’t for the Lombardi trophy, and it is isn’t played on a a neutral fied, but the Broncos hope the rematch will have a different outcome. “OMAHA, OMAHA.”

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