Concerned, not panicked after 0-2 Start

0-2. That is where your NFC champion Seahawks sit this Monday morning after losing 27-17 to the Green Bay Packers last night. Is it time to Panic? No, not yet anyway.

I think many 12’s and local beat writers would agree that this two game stretch, could be the toughest of the season, that much was certain when the schedule came out. What wasn’t known then, is that the Seahawks would be without the enforcer of their defense for those contests, not through injury but because of a contract dispute.

Yet Chancellor not being here is not the reason they are 0-2. In the last 3 games dating back to the Super Bowl, the Seahawks have had 4th quarter leads and yet failed to finish, One game was with Chancellor, the other two without, yet the same problem in all 3. The Seahawks have been right there, they aren’t being blown out, they are beating themselves with penalties, inconsistent play on both sides of the ball, and yet they’ve held leads in the 4th quarter. Everything has been within reach, it is correctable.  This doesn’t mean that all is well either. There are reasons for concern. When Jimmy Graham has 1 catch for 11 yards, and outside of a spurt in 3rd quarter, the offense seemingly can’t produce consistent drives, that is worrisome. Particularly for an offense that was deemed to be impossible to stop, especially after acquiring Graham.

A little home cooking should do the Seahawks wonders and get some positive momentum back into the team and the fan base. The schedule looks to shift in the Seahawks favor in the next few weeks; the Cutler-less Bears at home on Sunday and then the Lions come to the CLINK for MNF in week 4. Get to 2-2 and the chance of getting on a roll before the week 8 bye , is a very real possibility. Drop to 0-3 at home to the bears without Cutler? Well then, I will take you through the steps of Panic next week. Until then, be concerned but not worried. After all, this team has done it before, 3-3 last year before going 6-0, and finishing 12-4.

So In the words of Aaron Rodgers ” R-E-L-A-X”, they are going to be fine, and it starts this week against the Bears.

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