Here Comes the Boom: Kam ends Holdout

“It’s go time, I got a mission to finish and miss my brothers”

He’s Back. With a simple text to Gee Scott of 710 ESPN Seattle, the holdout was officially over.

Kam Chancellor, has reported to the VMAC this morning as several news outlets have confirmed. No, the Seahawks didn’t cave and no, Kam is not getting a new deal. But that’s not the story, save the money and contract talk for the offseason.

Kam is back, and for all intents and purpose so is the identity of the defense. Without Chancellor, the defense has been missing its cog, like  a pack of wolves missing its leader, the boom of the LOB.

Through the first two games both the defense and the offense have been missing that spark, waiting for the moment that flips the switch. Kam along with Marshawn have been that symbol of physicality that have ignited the entire team throughout the recent run of success. Its been evident in the first two games  that the team was missing the link, the enforcer, the igniter. Without Kam, Marshawn was without his Bash brother, the LOB was, missing its most crucial member. That’s no longer the case and now, the Seahawks can get back to the task at hand and continue their pursuit of a 3rd straight appearance in the Super Bowl.

When the defense comes out of that tunnel on Sunday at the home opener lead by its Captain, the LOB will be back and so will the Seahawks of recent memory.

He’s back and at 0-2 its go time.


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