Kicking into Gear: Seattle shows promise, improvement in Shutout win

There was good, there was bad, and in the end there were still questions. That seemed to be the best synopsis of the Seahawks’ Home opener yesterday.

The good?  Defense was stifling, special Teams was special, and Jimmy was Jimmy.

The bad? Slow Start on offense, Red Zone still an issue,  4 sacks for the Offensive Line.

The questions? Health of Mebane and Marshawn?  Is the offensive line improving?

The offense, as has been the case lately, sputtered their way through two quarters and 6 points. The defense, with Kam Chancellor back in the fold, pitched a shutout. Yes, it was Jimmy Clausen and a cast of characters posing as the Bears offense, but a shutout in the NFL is no ordinary achievement.

More aggressive calls by Richard, and the energy of the home opener helped the defense take advantage of a depleted Bears offense that was content to play conservative and hope for a mistake that never came. The Bears punted on all 10 of their possessions, which for the Seahawks offense provided them with the opportunity to once again right the ship in the second half.

Tyler Lockett, “T-Lock” as I and probably many others have become to call him, provided a spark to start the second half, with the longest return in Seahawks history of 105 yards. The offense seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief from that point on.

The running game turned up, with Thomas Rawls filling in for Marshawn, racking up over  100 yards.  Russell finally found a groove and found Jimmy Graham for the offense’s only TD of the afternoon. Offense provided some more promising moments in the drives that followed to chew up clock, tack on a couple more field goals and allow the defense to finish off the shutout.

They got the win, it wasn’t the prettiest, but it was a step in the right direction. The flashes of greatness were there, the potential is there, time to put it all together and really get the season going.


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