Winning the Wright Way? Controversial Call Overshadows Seahawks Win

Controversy on a Monday Night in Seattle? Seems to be the norm for the Seahawks in recent years.

There is something about that North end zone on Monday Nights that just attracts controversy. First the “Fail-Mary” and now “BatGate”,  and oddly enough the refs and Golden Tate have been a part of both.  What is unfortunate is that this non-call is overshadowing the play that lead to the controversial bat, and the overall play of this defense.  18 of it’s last 20 possessions have resulted in punts, last night the defense only allowed a field goal, even after the special teams and the offense put them in bad situations with three untimely turnovers.

It doesn’t matter that they didn’t have a sack last night or that it has been four games and the secondary has yet to record an interception. This defense is forcing offenses to punt on almost every possession, they have gone two full games without allowing an offensive touchdown. Dominance comes in many forms and through the first four games, the Seahawks defensive dominance is not with turnovers, but with efficient drive ending, suffocating team defense. Last night they were 6 inches away from possibly going 1-3 and severely hampering their hopes for this season, but this team, this defense, like in years past found a way to finish.

Chancellor’s punch,  a season saver, a play that gives the offense time to get it right, a play that at 2-2 puts this team on the brink of making a run.  Chancellor’s punch, put the officials in the position to make a call,  he gave the team a chance to win.  Was it an unfortunate call at an even worse time ? Yes, are the Seahawks apologizing? No.  It was a judgment call, and it went the Seahawks way.  But again, you make your own breaks, they gave themselves a chance and were fortunate last night. There will be an occasion this year where it will go the opposite way and they will be on the losing end of a bad call, that’s the beauty of sports.

In a league with only 16 games, bad calls are magnified and debated without end  as unfortunately they become season defining.  This win doesn’t need to be justified. At the end of the night, this a results driven league and the Seahawks found a way to deliver,  even with the offense trying to throw it away at the end.

Speaking of the offense, it still can’t get out of their own way.  Giving up six sacks that could’ve been 20 if it wasn’t for Russell Wilson’s Houdini like escape ability, isn’t what you call progress.   Even with his brilliant escape act, it was him and the offense who up 13-3, were fumbling away their season. Six inches, a punch and a break, that’s how close it was to the offense being to blame for a  season defining loss.  The offensive line, is offensive. Blocking is non existent, and Russell has no time nor trust in the pocket.  To say the offense is treading water is putting it lightly, their ineptitude is topic enough for another day and another post.

If there is any chance of a win at 4-0 Cincinnati, the play must be better and must improve quickly.

A win, is a win.  Now on to Cincinnati.


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