Sleeping in Seattle: Season slipping away as Seahawks blow yet another lead to fall to 2-4

Same Old Seahawks.

Old in this case means the Seahawks from last week in Cincinnati, or the Seahawks from the game in St Louis, or the various versions of this team that you have seen in their past five losses. Any of the past losses you decide to look at you see the exact same ending;  A blown lead late and another perplexing, emotionally draining loss

The Seattle Seahawks have held the lead in the fourth quarter in every game they have played this season. The Seattle Seahawks are 2-4. Before the season, you would have never put those two sentences together. After the loss at STL or GB it was attributed to the piece that was missing on the team. Now what? What excuses do they fall back on now? Back to back blown double digit leads in the fourth quarter have cast serious doubts over this team and this season.

Before, if the offense went out and put up 20+ points and didn’t turn the ball over that would be more than enough for the defense to ensure a win. Not for the 2015 Seahawks. Through the first six games of this season, Seattle’s point differential thru the third quarter is +37. In the fourth quarter alone in those same six games, point differential is -28.  The defense isn’t getting stops and the offense isn’t scoring. This is no longer a finger pointing to one side or the other. This is a team wide issue. Is it psychological? Is it the X’s and O’s? It’s getting harder and harder to find the answer.

Each game, each loss brings more questions. How does this defense not get the right signal on the play that lead to the winning touchdown? Why can’t the offense move the ball in the fourth quarter? Why isn’t more blame being put on Pete Carroll?  Something isn’t getting through, something is causing this team to fail time after time to close out games they should win.

It is time to stop the rhetoric we’ve been hearing the past two weeks of:  “Its a quick fix”, “We’ll get it turned around” or ” We’re really close”. It’s time to stop with the logic of ” this team is a couple plays from being 5-1″. It”s also a play away from being 1-5.   Last time I checked, the NFL doesn’t hand out trophies for being “really close”. This is about wins and losses.

If this team wants to get back to where it should be, it needs to talk less and start doing more. If not, this season will be over quicker than you can say pumpkin spice latte.

It’s no longer a question of when this team will turn it around, it is  now about IF they’ll turn it around. History says yes, last two weeks say no. Which one will it be?  They’ve left themselves no margin for error to find out. This will undoubtedly be the most daunting challenge of the Pete Carroll era.

At 2-4 and the season slipping away, Carroll faces the most adversity he’s faced since arriving in Seattle. How long until the team completely unravels? Can Carroll find the answers before the team falls apart? Seattle better hope so. If not, this is going to be a long sad winter in the pacific northwest.

The clock is ticking on the defending NFC champs, will they ever put it together or has their season gone up in smoke?  Answer might come as soon as Thursday night. Stay tuned.

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