No Style Points Needed: Seahawks Find A way to win, move back to .500

A win is a win. Fortunately for Seattle, there are no style points in the NFL.

The Seahawks who have been at the losing end of many close games this year, found a way to win in Dallas, albeit not in the most appealing, fan base soothing fashion.

This game was the perfect representation of what the entire first half of the season has been like for Seattle: An inconsistent offense that struggles to score enough points, a defense with moments of dominance, and wins that leave the fan base with more questions and doubts than answers and confidence on the state and direction of their team.

Sunday in Dallas, it was much of the same.  Offense wasn’t consistent, 13 points in the NFL aren’t usually enough to win a game. The offense failed to put consecutive drives together on numerous occasions, keeping a Matt Cassel led Cowboy team in the game until the end.  Yet unlike the previous four losses, both sides of the ball found a way to finish.

The defense was there for all four quarters, holding Dallas to four field goals. And the offense, amidst all their inconsistencies up front, did not allow a sack, and put together a 17 play drive at the end of game to give the team a lead in the final minute.  For three plus years with Russell Wilson at quarterback, this was Seahawks football. The defense keeping it close and Wilson and the offense putting it together for one drive at the end.Sunday was no different, and with essentially the season hanging in the balance, the offense delivered and the defense closed it out.

How effective were they in the final quarter?  Here are the numbers:DAL: 8 plays, 20 yards SEA: 27 plays, 130 yards.  That is how you finish games in the NFL . Yes, the offense failed to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter for  a seventh consecutive game, but yet it showed how efficient they can be on that final 17 play drive. A drive that showed what this offense is built to do: run to set up the pass,  Russell making plays when needed, and converting on crucial 3rd downs.

This team still has plenty of issues and unanswered questions, many of which need answers if they plan on making a run in the second half.  If history is any indication, the second half will be when the Seahawks are at their best, it’s the point of the season that has propelled them to their past two Super Bowl runs. Last year they were 3-3 and finished 12-4. They sit at 4-4 now, eight games left, five of which are at home. The table is set for a run, its up to them to take advantage.

Will the Seahawks find their way? Or is the 2015 team destined for mediocrity? In the next eight weeks we will find out for sure.




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