Offense Continues To Struggle But Defense Will Carry Seahawks

November 8th, 2014- The Seattle Seahawks continue to get back on track creating havoc defensively and did that again last week against the Oakland Raiders. After being near the last in the league in takeaways through the first half of the season the turnovers have come in bunches in the last two games. For what […]

November 2014 by Milton Kung

Seahawks Continue To Get Back On Track Against Oakland

November 1st, 2014-With what head coach Pete Carroll called a “get right win” against the Carolina Panthers last week that prevented the Seahawks from having an under .500 record in two years. That is not to say they played a flawless football game but it sure was a step in the right direction of getting […]

November 2014 by Milton Kung

A “MUST WIN” Game For The Seahawks Against Panthers

October 25th, 2014-The Seattle Seahawks haven’t lost two consecutive games since 2012 but with a loss last week against the St. Louis Rams it happened again in 2014. In the middle of the Percy Harvin trade drama just 2 days before the game you might say the defending world champions are struggling to get their […]

October 2014 by Milton Kung

Seahawks vs Rams- “Percy”less

October 19th, 2014- As much of a headliner as the Seahawks losing at the C Link to the Dallas Cowboys last week was the trade with the dynamic wide receiver Percy Harvin on friday. In just the second loss at home in Russell Wilson’s short but impressive short career the fans and local media have […]

October 2014 by Milton Kung

Seahawks vs Cowboys- Does Seattle have Romo’s Number?

October 12, 2014- The Dallas Cowboys come stampeding into the Clink (Century Link Field) on a typical cloudy day in the Pacific Northwest hoping to erase the debacle of the infamous “botched snap” by Tony Romo in the 2006 playoff game. Since then the Seahawks have a different head coach, different starting QB, and are […]

October 2014 by Milton Kung

Seahawks on Monday Night Primetime- Seattle vs Washington Preview

October 6th, 2014- In their only Monday appearance of the 2014 season the Seattle Seahawks hope to up another dominant performance in primetime against the Washington Redskins. The last time the Seahawks made their presence felt  in Fedex Field was in the wildcard playoff game in 2012 and Richard Sherman was sucker punched by Trent […]

October 2014 by Milton Kung

It’s GameDay- Seahawks vs Broncos

September 21st, 2014- After a chaotic week off the field, the NFL wished the Super Bowl rematch could of happened sooner. In a much anticipated and could very well possibly be the game of the year the Seattle Seahawks hope to get back to their winning ways against the Denver Broncos after a shocking defeat […]

September 2014 by Milton Kung

Brought back down to Earth-Looking towards Week 3

After the reigning Super Bowl Champions opened the season with the dismantling of the Packers, the 12’s and the NFL world viewed a repeat as a virtual certainty. Some highly paid analysts were even going as far as declaring the Seahawks invincible.

Week 2 reminded all Seahawks fans how quickly things can turn and how the difference between the best and the worst in the NFL is so marginal, that factors such as the weather can prove to be the difference in the game. Last week against the Chargers, the Seahawks and the fans were brought back down to Earth. Is it time to hit the panic button? No. It is only week 3.

Yes, the Seahawks lost. There are a number of different factors that can be attributed to that loss; the fact the offense even when they scored were on the field for an average of only 8 plays, the defense wasn’t effective on 1st and 2nd down leading to too many short 3rd down conversions that played a factor in the Time of Possession battle, and yes a dumb penalty and turnovers of special times. Common thread between these factors? Self-inflicted mistakes in all 3-phases of the game, something that is very unusual for this team the past couple of years. However, the Chargers deserve credit as well, they executed a perfect game plan both offensively and defensively, YET  they still needed our mistakes and 3 lucky bounces of the ball to fall their way in order to secure the win.

Even then the Seahawks had a chance to win with 3 minutes to go in the game. This team is built to win ugly games like last Sunday, and more often than not I trust Russell Wilson to win games like that in San Diego 9 out of every 10 times.

But for now, last week should be treated like a wake up call. Which could be just what this team needed this early in the season.  If it had any arrogance or complacency before then (unlikely) they  shouldn’t have it now, the loss sent reverberations across the league and some doubts began to creep up about certain aspects of this team, some saying there is a blueprint  now for beating the Seahawks.   Yet, as we all know this team was built around players that lived to prove everyone wrong, and after this loss, they will refocus and regain  their true form and prove that last Sunday was merely an aberration.

As for this week, I’ll save the analysis as we get closer to game day, but one thing is for sure, to beat the Broncos we have to go back to our winning formula:  running the ball, controlling the tempo and forcing turnovers on defense. We can’t afford to repeat the imbalance on time of possession again, not against Peyton.

The Seahawks have shown us their ability to get back on track.  Remember, they’ve been here before. And what a better place to get back on track  than at the CLINK in a Super Bowl rematch. The game will be closer than last February, but I have a feeling Peyton won’t be prepared for the power of the 12s on Sunday and that will more often than not prove to be the difference.

For now though 12’s, relax and trust that the team will make their adjustments and get back to Seahawk Football this weekend,  after all they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt right?

– TheJuanandOnly



Seattle’s 12’s- What’s It Like Being One?

September 4th, 2014- It’s a typical cold, blistering, windy yet sunny day in Seattle, WA. I am 1 of 67,000 plus bundled up in my Seattle Seahawks beanie, gloves, and the rest of my winter gear screaming at the top of my lungs at Century Link Field aka CLink.  (Crowd roaring and its getting louder […]

September 2014 by Milton Kung

After Final Tune Up Against Oakland, Bring on the Green Bay Packers

September 3rd, 2014- After an irrelevant 4th pre season game against the Oakland Raiders in which the starters played very limited series we are less than 24 hours away until the quest for the first repeat champion in over a decade. The last to do it were the New England Patriots in the 2003 and […]

September 2014 by Milton Kung