Schneider Knows

John Schneider knows…put that on a T-Shirt, Nike! John Schneider, General Manager of the Seattle Seahawks, knows how to build a championship franchise.

May 2014 by Myron Clark

Just as expected

Unless you’re apart of the Seattle Seahawks organization this Super Bowl did not go as expected.

February 2014 by Myron Clark

These Seattle Seahawks Are Writing Their Redemption Song

I have watched football and followed the Seahawks literally as long as I can remember. I have seen thousands of teams play on multiple levels year after year and find myself a hard candidate to be surprised by much anymore. That said, there are teams that come about every so often that catch my attention […]

January 2014 by Adam Hunter

Apology Accepted

As we inch closer to Super Bowl Sunday the ‘Sherman Side Show’ is still going strong. He recently apologized for bringing extra attention to himself and his team with his outburst after the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship.

January 2014 by Myron Clark

4th & 7 Could Be Seattle’s Version of ‘The Catch’

Let us set the scene: 13:52 left in the 4th quarter of the 2014 NFC Championship, 49ers lead the Seahawks 17-13 at Centurylink Field. Russell Wilson was just called for intentional grounding on the previous down of 2nd and 6 after being harassed by the 49ers vicious pass rush that had already sacked him four […]

January 2014 by Adam Hunter


As I watched the Seattle Seahawks 23-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers the general consensus on my twitter timeline was that this was the best game of the season thus far.

January 2014 by Myron Clark

If Percy Harvin Plays, Every Potential Seahawks Opponent Has A Major Problem

There is a great degree of positive speculation lately about Percy Harvin playing for the Seahawks in their upcoming playoff tilt with the Saints. If it pans out to where Harvin is in fact at 100%, it presents an almost unprecedented scenario for every team that may face Seattle in terms of preparation. From the […]

January 2014 by Adam Hunter

MetLife Stadium…home away from home

If you missed the Seahawks week 15 matchup you missed a dominating performance. From opening kickoff to the final whistle the Seattle Seahawks owned the New York Giants in every aspect of the game.

December 2013 by Myron Clark

Seattle Seahawks: Team of destiny or flash in the pan?

With just three remaining games in this years regular season lets take a look at what has become of the Seahawks season thus far. They sit atop the NFC West with an 11-2 record and have managed to clinch a playoff berth. A major storyline this year has been their perfect record at home but […]

December 2013 by Myron Clark